"How Much Does It Cost?"

The lessons are scheduled on a yearly basis, with 42 lessons throughout the year. This means some months will have 3 lessons, some months will have 4 and some months may even have 5 lessons, however, your tuition is the same from month to month. 

You don’t commit for a year or a semester, lessons are a month at a time.  You pay tuition at the first lesson of each month.  We do need a notice of withdrawal by the 15th of the month prior to the month of withdrawing.   

The Childbloom Guitar program is one of the most affordable entrances to music education in the Parker County area. 

We are also the best! 

Below are the monthly rates for in-person lessons: 

Group class (standard group lessons) for one child: $68 
2 Sibling rates for a group: $102 (1st sibling is $68, the second is half-priced $34). 
3 Sibling rates for a group: $136 (1st sibling is $68, each additional student is half price) 
Private ½ hour rate: $112 
For online lessons add $3 per family

Call/text 817.975.9103 or email: