Classes are structured into small group lessons with 2-4 students per class.  The lessons are 30 minutes in length, and we generally meet once week.  There is a one-time $25 enrollment fee per family and when you enroll you will have access to the initial enrollment materials needed for  Step-I including either an audio CD of the music or, if you prefer, online materials.  This includes lessons and exercises that the student will be learning. This material is a key ingredient to the Childbloom students' success.  It is very important for the student to listen to the music before, during and after learning it.  

We also provide easy-to-read music for the non-musician parent to help at home. You will also receive a free subscription to The Childbloom Monthly Newsletter.  This helps parents deal with the many ups and downs of motivation that will occur in the musical education process. The newsletter also has local events and contests your child can participate in.  Contests are geared to every skill level. 

Call/text at 817.975.9103 or email at: info@kevintownson.com